I'm Neo... I Love Hisoka

and to prove it here's 700+ photos of Clown Paraphernalia, categorized by origin and type.

I started collecting Hisoka stuff in 2014 and years later I still can't get enough of this guy. I really enjoy online shopping, making lists, and talking about Hisoka, which is why I decided to make this site. I'm hoping it can be of interest to anybody who likes Hisoka or collections in general. But, regardless of what you take away from this, please... just remember....... I love Hisoka.

Below are yearly overviews of my collection and celebrations of Hisoka's birthday. On the sidebar you can navigate to specific categories. Some of the pages are very image heavy and may take a bit to load. It's also worth noting that I'm not particularly skilled with website coding. So I apologize for any display issues.

If you have any comments, questions, or corrections feel free to post a message or DM me on Twt! (However, please don't ask about buying or trading for the things in my collection. I'm not looking to part with anything.)


My collection was still small enough to bring everything to my old living room for pictures. At this point I was mostly focused on figures.

Also I put 28 on the cake because, at the time, his wiki page had that as his age. Later I found out his age has never been officially stated?? But I'm on board with that because you can't grow older than your favorite anime character if he doesn't have a canon age.


I learned how to shop on Japanese sites and it shows 😜. As a result, I expanded my collection to other officially licensed merch and some fanmade stuff. This is also the year I made a (now broken) compilation post on MFC.

I had to redo my bedroom the year before and went with pink for the walls. It was only after somebody else pointed it out that I realized it kinda looks like I chose pink because of Hisoka. I didn't, but I'm happy with the association.


After buying a majority of the official merch available at the time, I spent this year focused mostly on fanmade items. Additionally, I launched my first (now inactive) site in an effort to better organize my photos.

I order his cake from the same Walmart every year and I think once I accidentally gave somebody the impression it was for my Japanese son. I share the cake with my family/friends but only if they say 'Happy Birthday Hisoka' because I think it's funny.


I mostly focused on US based fan goods because importing is expensive... and because I started an additional collection to sink my money into. This year's big project was to spend a week making extremely self indulgent Hisoka MMDS.

And now I'd like to bring everybody's attention to the two Hisoka cutouts in the top center collage. They've been taped to the ceiling directly above my pillow since October 2014, shortly after I first watched episode 3 of HxH. It started as a joke between me and some friends but then I never bothered to take them down. So they just permanently live there now.


This was the year the fanmade Hisoka pin economy exploded, which is very apparent in the photos. Unfortunately, this was also the year my tiny bedroom began to run out of space for all my magician memorabilia. I managed to clear enough space to compensate but it was a lengthy process. I also made a short amv for him that looks more like a blingee than something an adult woman made with video editing software. I'm very proud of it.

One of the figures in my display case was gifted a tiny sombrero, courtesy of my friend (and enabler) Hazel. I don't remember where or why I obtained the tiara on plushie Hisoka, though.


I didn't like the look of my previous site so I decided to make my own amateur attempt at one instead. Hopefully it's at least functional?? Also, a friend suggested the color scheme for this year's cake and I'm in love with the way it turned out.

In other news, I recently graduated. It's weird to think that my College Experience began the same time I met Hisoka. And now all these years later I'm finally moving on... from community college, that is.

(Hisoka is eternal)